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#Forward Together Programme

Saturday 11th September 2021

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10.00 hrs

Hosts Patricia McColgan, CanCare4Living, Mary-Claire Rennick, Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland, and Evelyn Griffith, CanTeen will provide a warm welcome and an introduction to the inaugural CAYAS conference on Children, Adolescent, Young Adult Cancer & Survivorship.

What’s been happening?

10.10 am

10.50 am

10.35 am

NCCP Welcome from Prof O’Laoide, Director 

Irish Cancer Society Welcome from Averil Power, CEO

Presenter: Mr Donal Buggy, Irish Cancer Society

Q&A: Dr Scheryll Alken and Ms Niamh O’Sullivan

Children's Health Ireland (CHI) Welcome from Eilish Hardiman, CEO


11.00 am

Take a moment for yourself

Information Session

11.10 am

11.50 am

11.30 am

Fertility – What are my options?

Research – Playing our part

In conversation: Dr. Cormac Owens and Dr Scheryll Alken

Q&A: Ms Niamh O’Sullivan

Meet the Experts

11.55 am

The Lived Experience

Interviews with Colin Holden, Jessica Heffernan, Emma & Freya Fitzpatrick and Sam O'Reilly

Followed by Q&A: Dr Scheryll Alken and Ms Niamh O’Sullivan


12.50 pm

Networking sessions, entertainment, on demand videos and exhibition


1.20 pm

For all children and young people lost to childhood cancer

Wellness – it’s all about you

1.25 pm

2.20 pm



3.20 pm

3.45 pm

Wellbeing – Let’s Get Moving

Presenter: Karl Corcoran, Rachael Keating, Dr. Cliona Godwin, Dr. Fiona Skelly, Jennifer Fitzpatrick   

Practical session: Dr. Fiona Skelly

Q&A: Dr Scheryll Alken, Ms Niamh O’Sullivan and Ashleigh Kiernan

Wellbeing – The importance of emotional wellbeing

Presenter: Dr. Aifric O’Kane, CHI at Crumlin, Evelyn Griffith, CanTeen Ireland, Laura Cullinan & Stacey Braddish

Q&A: Dr Scheryll Alken and Ms Niamh O’Sullivan

Brian Lobel - Enjoy !

#ForwardTogether  - Reflections

We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the reflections and humour of the wonderful Brian Lobel.  (have a look at the speakers page to read more about him !


Mount Sion Choir

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