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CanCare4 Living

CanCare4Living is an advocacy group representing children, adolescents, young adults who had cancer and their families.  We focus on survivorship and believe our survivors deserve a national multi disciplinary long term follow up service to support them to achieve the best quality of life possible.   





CanTeen Ireland

CanTeen Ireland is a nationwide support group for young people between the ages of 12 and 25 years who have or have had cancer. Our Mission is to Support, Develop and Empower young people who have had cancer.

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Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland

Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland is a national, voluntary parent led charity. We work to:

  • Raise awareness of childhood, adolescent and young adult cancers 

  • Fund emotional supports and services for these young people and their families-Beads of Courage™, Play Services, room upgrades

  • Be the voice of children, adolescents and young people with cancer and advocate for health justice for them. 

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