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CanCare4Living, Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland and CanTeen Ireland are joining forces to host an online conference on Saturday 11th September. Our organisations are advocates for children, adolescents & young adults who have/had cancer and for their families.   


We are delighted to be supported by the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) and Children’s Health Ireland (CHI@Crumlin).

The title of the conference is CAYAS – Childhood, Adolescent, Young Adult Cancers & Survivorship, the theme is Forward Together, and the CAYAS community's lived experience is central to the conversation.

The aim of this conference is to bring together all those impacted by or involved in the CAYA cancer community - including patients, survivors, families, carers, advocates, health care professionals, researchers and policy makers – all are welcome. 

When a project needs input and support from many different people,  it’s said ‘it takes a village’  - we want to bring that village together to join the conversation and collaborate to benefit our CAYAS community.

Please join us to help make a difference.

Yours in hope, 

Patricia McColgan


Evelyn Griffith

CanTeen Ireland 

Mary Claire Rennick

Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland

Co-Chairs of CAYAS 2021

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cancare4living_final_v1 27.5.png
thumbnail_CHI Irish-Eng logo-UPDATED.jpeg